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belated reviews

I ordered a fairly large sampling and got it a few weeks ago, but haven't really had the time to post until now:

I'm rating (1-5, 5 being ohmigod I want to bathe in this, 0 being ack wash it off) all of these based on my personal taste. I want to note that every one of these were awesome. Layered, distinct and none turned to plastic or powder. One thing to keep in mind is that I'm not a 'fruity' person, so that is the predominant reason most of these didn't hit 5's.

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reviews: zodiac blends

So awhile back I ordered a sample vial of every Sidhe perfume blend! There are more scents now (the Arthurian court) so I'll need to make another order soon. ;-)

Anyway, the sheer humongousness of the order made it difficult for me to get it together to do proper testing & reviews (I'd keep forgetting what I'd tried & what I thought of it) so this weekend I decided to be somewhat organized & simply go through the Zodiac blends!

Every one so far is very light and subtle. On me they're short to moderately long-lived and do require reapplications throughout the day (which I don't mind).

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I have many more to test (and do little teensy "reviews" on) if I can maintain this level of organization!

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Some Reviews

I was at war with spring allergies so i can only test so many scents at one given time. A quick review:

NYMPH: vanilla, fresh strawberry, bubbly pink lemonade, sugar plum, thick buttercream frosting and a hint of gardenia.
Bubbly pink lemonade makes this a very jolly scent. I dont detect much of the buttercream frosting nor gardenia but that is good news for me since i'm not a big fan of gardenia(when too much it's headache inducing..hence it's only a hint of gardenia here. :P ). The fresh strawberry and sugar plum dance together when the pink lemonade notes starts to fade...and this is when vanilla suddenly pops up. Nymph is a girlie scent...with an edge. It feels like what a young hipster would wear shopping in a Parisian boutique or museum strolling....Very girlie in a punk rock glam sorta way....Tres chic!

THE APPLES OF YOUTH: a blend of three types of apples, thick vanilla extract and smooth honey.
I'm a apple lover but dont care for the tartness or "dirt" that often come with an apple blend. This is the apples that are no longer attached to the tree...it's apples in baskets ready for bites on a picnic table! It's sunny, warm, and juicy!!  The vanilla and honey arent over powering, but tends to make this blend have a "perfumery" vibe to it. It's not a powdery perfume scent, but it has a "rich" tone to it towards drying down. Must be the honey? Gorgeous blend! If you like the smell of honey crispin apple sans tree branch or dirt smell, grab this one! Bottle worthy for me.

LIBRA: Sugar plum and grape with a hint of strawberry served up with vanilla ice cream.
MMMM ahhhh whoaaaaaaaa!! Can we say delicious?? Smells like a box of expensive European hard fruit candies!!! Sugar plum and grape come rushing in to give me an instant olfactory high. I dont get the strawberry here but who cares? I'm in love because in my own little mind this is how i imagine sugar plum and grape ought to smell like. Sweet and "purpley" without that fake plastic doll hair smell! :P What a pretty blend! I was able to sniff the sugar plum note first, then the grape(concord, not muscate grapes), and then both notes combine for that "wet" purpley lollippop treat!!!! I'm a Scorpio but in Lunar Chinese calendar i'm a LIbra! If you're a fan of wet slippery candy scent, try it! :D 

Over all the blends are nice. What you see(notes) is what you'll smell. Sillage is good!! :*D