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belated reviews

I ordered a fairly large sampling and got it a few weeks ago, but haven't really had the time to post until now:

I'm rating (1-5, 5 being ohmigod I want to bathe in this, 0 being ack wash it off) all of these based on my personal taste. I want to note that every one of these were awesome. Layered, distinct and none turned to plastic or powder. One thing to keep in mind is that I'm not a 'fruity' person, so that is the predominant reason most of these didn't hit 5's.

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reviews: zodiac blends

So awhile back I ordered a sample vial of every Sidhe perfume blend! There are more scents now (the Arthurian court) so I'll need to make another order soon. ;-)

Anyway, the sheer humongousness of the order made it difficult for me to get it together to do proper testing & reviews (I'd keep forgetting what I'd tried & what I thought of it) so this weekend I decided to be somewhat organized & simply go through the Zodiac blends!

Every one so far is very light and subtle. On me they're short to moderately long-lived and do require reapplications throughout the day (which I don't mind).

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I have many more to test (and do little teensy "reviews" on) if I can maintain this level of organization!

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Reviews of the men!

Just got my Sidhe Creations order (I'm in the US, Midwest, and I ordered on the 11th and got my package today, the 28th, to give an example of the turn-around time involved. Not terrible, and about usual for things getting to me from Australia. :)

I am so very impressed with my entire order! These really smell wonderful. There wasn't one in the batch that I didn't like or that smelled overwhelmingly of one note, even the ones that had notes that usually DO overtake the whole thing (nag champa, balsam, etc.). Everything smelled complex and well-blended, and very lovely! ^_^

On to the reviews of the gentlemen!

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