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One review!

I just did a swap with the lovely carnaval_noir, and one of the imps I requested was Goo, since I missed the Halloween update due to rampant broke-ness at the time.

Goo is really awesome! You know that smell that your bag of Halloween candy has? That overall "sweet" smell of all of the different chocolates and bonbons inside the bag, that rush of scent you get when you open the bag and take a deep whiff? That's Goo! It smells JUST like that! It's a scent I never knew I wanted or needed until I tried this imp and thought, "Dude, I've always wanted to smell like I just finished trick-or-treating!"

As Sidhe scents typically do, Goo stays true on the skin and lasts and lasts. I really like this oil and am so pleased that I snagged some. =)