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kate and andre piss-up


I've been gazing at Sidhe Creations for a while now - a celtophile's dream catalogue. ; )   I got my first batch of tester vials today, and launched straight into them!  They smell divine in the vial:

A warriors blend of dragon’s blood, creamy coffee, cedar wood, amber and dark chocolate
Oh good LORD this is divine! The coffee really is creamy - like a strong latte, and dominates at the start. But as it dries it eases into this glorious warm amber with the barest hint of cocoa. The cedar is so faint, it's barely detectable and the dragon's blood isn't too sweet - again, remarkably demure. She's blended this one perfectly. I want to nibble on this warrior all day - there's no berserker rage here, just a nice warm pair of yummy arms in a coffee cuddle. If you love coffee, give this one a go. I really think I need a bottle of this.

A manly blend of patchouli, cinnamon, balsam and a splash of bay rum
The balsam dominates this for a while, but it's a beautiful fresh kind of pine, and since I love pine this is a good thing! As it dries, the cinnamon compliments it wonderfully as the balsam settles down. The patchouli is light and drifts in softly. I wish the bay rum would show up, but there's no sign of it. All in all, a lovely pine and cinnamon blend.

A gorgeous bright blend of sweetgrass, chamomile, lily of the valley, green tea with a hint of freshly cut grass and a drop of sweet, juicy pear
Holy crap! This is like BPAL's Cancer 07 without the cloying sweetpea note I couldn't stand! This is gorgeous - sweet, breezy and pretty, the juicy sweetgrass never getting herbal, but lending a lovely garden touch to the light florals. This is a wonderful summer scent!

A deep and mysterious blend of dragon's blood, musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli and warm, thick amber
Hmm. This is barely-there. Really barely-there. I smell a little musk, a little sandalwood and a hint of amber and patchouli - but the dominant smell seems to be the almond oil base O_o. Either that or the amber in this one's just gone completely *poof* on my skin - which is more than likely. I now smell a familiar powdery smell. No joy for Merlin on me.

Can Faeries be sexy? This one is! Pecan pie with sweet orange, biscotti, caramel with a hint of sexy sandalwood and coffee
I don't know about sexy, but this faerie fellow is definitely yummy. Yup, orange biscotti and caramel! There's a definite biscuit smell in there, and the sandalwood and coffee are drifting about in the background, making this smell like a really awesome cafe. Really foody, but completely scrumptious! It gets wonderfully warm and snuggly when dry.

Dark patchouli and musk sweetened with honey, grape and sage
Hello grape! This one is sweet, white musk, patchouli and grape. The grape stays pretty dominant here, and the sage shows up on the dry down. The whole blend is a lot more floral than I expected it to be - there's nothing unisex about it, it's definitely feminine. It's lovely, but too fruity for me.

Leather and musk with a hint of cedarwood, apricot and ginger
She really does have a nice light hand with the cedar here, as it's beautiful with the apricot, which is the first wave of scent when it goes onto my skin. This is the sort of cedar I like. As it dries, the musk and leather come into play as the fruit backs off. It's a lovely warm, soft leather scent that stays very close to the skin. My one qualm with this one is that it's a bit too light. I really have to have my nose at my hand to smell it, and it seems to be fading away. If only it was stronger, I'd want a bottle.

All in all I'm very impressed!  I wish they were a little stronger and longer lasting on me, but I definitely need to invite Cuchulainn and Faery King home in bottle form. : )