Mrs. Bungle (ex_rhovanio) wrote in sidhecreations,
Mrs. Bungle

Hello!! I just wanted to let you know that the most recent Arcana Soaps release that has been available for pre-order for the last couple of weeks is now in stock and ready to ship! If you did make use of the pre-order option your items will be shipping out tomorrow otherwise get in quick because there are only a few of each oil and soap left...... which brings me to the bad news.. Arcana's Revival perfume oil is completely sold out! I contacted the lovely Julia (Arcana Soaps' owner) and she is literally down to her last few drops and wont be making any more.. So if you missed out Im really sorry :(

While we are on the subject of Arcana goodies, you can now find Absinthe and Alhambra in sample size in The Perfumerie. Eventually all oils will be made available (with the exception of LE oils) but its going to take a little while. Im going to work my way down the list.. So next up (I have already ordered them!) are Ambrosia, Anodyne, Breakfast in Hollywood, Burlesque, Devilish and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

In Sidhe Creation's news I have just added a bunch of previously discontinued and LE oils to the site!! 2008 Valentine's Day LE's such as Eros, Aphrodite, Free Love and The Happy Couple. 2007 Yule oils like Elf Food, Mr. Claws, Aussie Xmas and a few lonely Astrological oils.. OH and some Aeval's Midnight Court!

There are lots of exciting things in store for Morrigan's Closet. The very next new item to be added to the store will be Sidhe Creation's Mystical Horns :) Fantastic for faerie outings, dress ups, parties, faires... all handmade by me using sturdy polymer clay, painted glorious colours and are attached to the hair with large bobby pins for all day wear!! Keep an eye on the Adornment section of the store :)

Ruth xox

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